MUSE Business Modelling

Our proprietary data science consultancy, MUSE, provides customer insight, business modelling and media effectiveness measurement services to help understand, identify and scale sales opportunities for your business.

MUSE Business Modelling

MUSE is the dedicated data & insight arm of MC&C. Our team of senior specialists focus on unlocking and utilising our clients’ customer data to develop highly effective growth strategies spanning beyond media placement and audience segmentation. We are smart, nimble, flexible team who offer consultancy across three key areas:


Identifying the success factors that drive your business

  • What defines your best customers?
  • How do you find more?
  • Which customers can be developed?
  • MOSAIC Profiling
  • Targeting Models


Estimating & controlling risk as you invest marketing budgets

  • Business Modelling
  • Quantifying Opportunities and Risk
  • Market Sizing
  • Sales Funnel Economics
  • ROI Forecasting
  • Benchmarking


Increasing the ROI of marketing activities across all channels

  • Campaign ROI analysis
  • Digital attribution
  • Offline media attribution
  • Market Mix Models
  • Media Mix Models

Do you need help identifying and unlocking the potential growth in your data? Get in touch.